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Candy Rush Hour : The Top Smartphone Apps to Impro...

Posted January 22nd, 2014 at 12:01 pm by
Filed under: General
Everybody knows that Smartphone apps are a great way to kill time while sitting in a waiting room or on a boring date but believe ...

Why The Jeep Unlimted May Be The Best Jeep Ever

Posted December 11th, 2013 at 08:12 am by
Filed under: General
The Jeep Wrangler is an All-Us classic. It traces its lineage specifically back to the legendary army Jeep of World War II-the iconic 4x4 ...

The New MV Agusta F4, Crosses Imagination Borders

Posted January 13th, 2013 at 08:01 am by
Filed under: Motorcycle
After months of focus on the work of design, development and testing, the MV Agusta F4 redefine characteristics, in order to make ...

Maximizing Performance of Disc Brakes

Posted December 14th, 2012 at 01:12 am by
Filed under: Motorcycle, Tips
Disc brakes on a motorcycle is one of the tools to enhance rider safety. Therefore, part of this one deserves ...

Candy Rush Hour : The Top Smartphone Apps to Improve Vehicle Efficiency

Everybody knows that Smartphone apps are a great way to kill time while sitting in a waiting room or on a boring date but believe it or not there is some functionality to them as well. One way that putting these apps to use can be real beneficial is in regards to your vehicle. From getting to a destination quicker, monitoring your car on the fly, or just making trips more enjoyable, these top apps will cut down on travel troubles and make the trip in your Chevrolet Claremont more enjoyable.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Placing the Smart phone on your dash can supply an easy line of site to a bevy of traveling information. Smart phone apps are available that download maps and provide directions but also have a database of speed traps and traffic cameras and will pop-up a notification when they’re near.


On Board Diagnostic Real-Time Reader

By plugging a bluetooth connector into the OBD2 plug under your dash, you can create a line of communication between your car’s computer and your smart phone. The apps will display information such as horsepower, CO2 emissions, and other performance data. On top of that, error codes are displayed for easy reading whereas previously a trip to the body shop or an expensive computer hook-up would have been needed.

Augmented Driving

Mounting the phone on the dash and pointing the camera towards the windshield enables a number of various augmented driving apps to be used. These apps read shapes and objects on the road ahead and flash alerts and blare alarms if you’re veering towards them or if a foreign object is in the road ahead.

Safe Driving Apps

Most people know it’s dangerous to text or check e-mails while driving but we sometimes find ourselves curbing the law. With special safe driving subscription services, texting and web surfing is disabled while the car is moving. Other features that are optimum for parents include sending an e-mail of the date and time that a car goes over a set speed-limit, a notification if a car travels outside a certain zip code, and an alert if the car is driven past curfew.

Cheap Gas

Downloading a number of the gas-price database apps can give a commuter a daily look at which petro station has the best prices that day. They’re also very useful on trips to avoid that frustrating event of fueling up only to find gas 15 cents cheaper a mile down the road.


Although your purchase from is sure to provide you satisfaction, the addition of these smart phone apps will push that comfort level through the (sun) roof.

Why The Jeep Unlimted May Be The Best Jeep Ever


The Jeep Wrangler is an All-Us classic. It traces its lineage specifically back to the legendary army Jeep of World War II-the iconic 4×4 that General Dwight D. Eisenhower said was indispensable in winning the war for America and her allies. The Jeep of today-the Wrangler-is much more popular than in the past. A visit to dodge huntington beachfront, though might big surprise someone new for the Jeep scenario These days these are selling a lot more four-door Wrangler Unlimited versions than classic two-door Wranglers. That’s correct: for a lot of users, the four entrance Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is proving being irresistible. Let us look at several reasons it may well be the most effective Jeep to ever can come along.

The Identical Rugged Functionality

First and foremost, the Wrangler Unrestricted is still a Jeep. It performs splendidly away-street, 20.6 inch lengthier wheelbase or otherwise. That is about the only thing it gives around the two-door model, although truly tight paths are a little tougher to negotiate in the Endless. It also features a distinction including the two-door cannot claim: the Unlimited may be the only a number of-entrance convertible 4×4 on the market.

A lot more Room = More Versatile

No matter how significantly purists will argue for classic two-doorway Wranglers, the reality is most people with Jeeps spend most of their time traveling on pavement. If you have a family group (or even a puppy) the four-door Limitless begins to appearance really good. There is 70.6 cubic ft . of cargo space within the Unlimited using the rear seat folded, compared to only 55.8 in the two-door. It really shines around town when you are transporting the kids and groceries, although that extra space comes in handy within the bush for stowing equipment. They say amounts don’t lie and over sixty percent of Wranglers sold today are four-door Wrangler Unlimited types. The public, it might seem, are voting using their wallets. For a number of folks, the roomier-but-still-rugged Wrangler Unlimited is the best Jeep ever!


Don’t just take our word for it. At OC Auto you can test travel a Wrangler Unlimited-as well as the vintage two-door Wrangler-and judge for yourself. You may find the best Jeep for you is not even a Wrangler. It may be a Patriot or even a Grand Cherokee or among the other award-winning Jeep models. It’s constantly nice to have options.

5 Cars To Keep You on the Road in the Snow and Ice

“You could possibly assume that larger, heavy wagons and SUV’s are the best method to keep you comfortable and safe for winter driving. Although many of them are considered to be great in the snow and ice, not all of the cars on the list fall into that category. Check out and you’ll see that plenty of modern cars are fitted with extras like remote start, which can be very handy to get things warmed up before you have to venture out on an icy morning. Other great winter driving features include traction control and heated seats.

1. Porsche Cayenne S – after dominating the sports car market for many decades, Porsche are also now very high on the list when it comes to winter driving and SUV’s. The Porsche Cayenne S has many winter friendly features including tiptronic transmission giving added traction increased stability as well as all wheel drive, heated steering wheel, hill control and much more fitted as standard. For that little extra winter compatibility optional extras include ski bags and snowboard / ski racks.

2. Audi A4 Sedan – if your budget won’t quite stretch to the Porsche then this is a very winter friendly option with many standard features perfect for the cold weather. This terrific car has FrontTrak front wheel drive plus outside temp gauge, heated seats in the front and remote start plus much more. Optional extras include all wheel drive for even better stability and safety when driving through the snow and the ice.


3. BMW X6, xDrive 35i – is another major asset in the wind and snow, and it looks amazing whatever the weather. Many cold weather friendly features are fitted as standard including all wheel drive with adaptive transmission, stability control, hill descent control, traction control . . . in fact you should always be able to maintain full control of this beast. Optional extras include a heated steering front and wheel / rear seats, you can even have a BMW ski bag if you want one.

4. Volvo S80 – the Swedes certainly know a thing or two about driving in the ice and snow so it comes as no surprise that a Volvo should make this list. This cold weather specialist has traction control fitted as standard as well as fog lights on the front and rear, all wheel drive, it even has heated side mirrors to stop them from freezing over so you can see what’s going on behind you as well as in front. Heated seats are available as an optional extra as well as a few other cold weather specialist features.


5. Lexus LX – if your budget can stretch to the Lexus LX then you’ll be in a very safe pair of hands (or safe two pairs of wheels). This cold weather motor has snow-mode start in second gear, all wheel drive and traction control with hill start assist and much more. There’s even a de-icer on the front wiper which saves you having to scrape the windshield with a credit card. Remote start is available as an optional extra on the Lexus LX, as well as customized ski rack – there’s even a first aid kit available.

InfinitiOM-1-3 InfinitiOM-1-3

Of course, even with all of the best gadgets and gizmos available for winter driving, it’s still important to drive very carefully in the snow and ice. Give yourself plenty of space between your own car and the cars around you, whether you’re checking out Chino Infiniti or driving somewhere else.”

What to Consider in Buying a New Car

Buying a new car is a big decision and investment. The price is higher than the used one, of course. But the newly made engine saves you from tackles in sending the car to the workshop for high cost repairs. You spend more in advance but lose less in the future. There are also many benefits offered by the new car. It is about freedom in choosing the most suitable one. The available features also provide better comfort and taste.


Since buying the car is not cheap decision to make, you should consider several things before going to the dealers. You have to determine what type of car to choose. Take a deeper view to the budget. Go online to check dealers’ price. Arrange the finance but do not make rush decision.  Give yourself time to get more options. Get the car inspected by the reliable person you have known personally. It is good if your friend is an experienced mechanic. Enjoy the test drive.


Always ask for second opinion from the beloved people. You surely want to take them with you on this ride, right? If you have family with four to five members, it seems better to buy a sport utility vehicle (SUV). You may take a look minivan as alternative choice, but the range of options is richer on SUV.

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